Prototyping And Its Use Of Prototyping

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Prototyping and Its Use in the SDLC
Group 7
Daniel Mingledorff
John Kiessling
Seth Park
University of North Georgia
Introduction: This paper is to research and explore the use of prototyping in the system development life cycle. Prototyping is a very important part of the SDLC, allowing the developers to better learn what the users want, and if what they are creating will work in an efficient and fluid manner. This paper will evaluate what prototyping is, what it is best to be used for, what the downfalls are, and when to not use it.
Problem Statement: When a system has requirements that are not well defined, needs to be stable, is complex, or is using a new technology and there is a need for fast development, it is hard to
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Prototyping also allows for quick system development when there may be a short period of time in which to develop the system.

Prototyping and Its Use in the SDLC Prototyping offers many advantages in software development to both the development team and to the end user. In general, prototyping allows for simultaneous development within the analysis, design, and implementation stages of the systems development life cycle. Following the traditional waterfall method of development can often lead to failure in understanding user requirements, which can cause massive delays and costly mistakes. When it comes to human-computer interaction (HCI), one of the best techniques to bridge the gap between the user and the developer is prototyping. This type of approach has become a commonplace practice for user-centered development (Tudhope, 2009, pp. 354-355). Software prototyping is an approach to building software that allows the engineers to present the functionality (even if only limited) of the product amidst development. However, this software may not represent the exact logic flow in the final product. The popularity of this of this model has increased because it allows developers to examine and include customer requirements early in the development cycle. This also allows an increased amount of feedback from the customer and a better understanding of what the software is intended to do (SDLC Software Prototype Model, 2014). When a customer
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