Provide Leadership Across The Organization

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Assessment 2

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Your past and background

I have completed the courses of CertIII, IV and Diploma of Commercial Cookery and Hospitality Management from a local reputable TAFE institute. And I have been working in an Italian restaurant in Carlton as the sous chef for the past 4 years. I have experiences in menu designing and budget controlling.

Your short and long term professional goals

Short term professional goals

I would like to secure my current working position as the sous chef and be promoted to a head chef within the next 6 months’ time starting from June 01 2016 to December 01 2016.

Long term professional goals

I want to learn more skills and knowledge in menu designing, nutrition balance, dietary requirements and finance controlling within the restaurant industry area, so that in the future I can use these knowledge to open up my own restaurant using five years’ time.

Opportunities that are available to you now and in future

 Understand the company 's structures, functions, and culture environments
 Attain the basic levels of business admin, accounting and managerial technological skills
 Establish the networks with business partners, advising groups, and local communities
 Explore the personal and professional opportunities
 Expand the knowledge in food production and cuisine making
 Build relationships with expert peers
 Mentor relationships with the senior professionals
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