Providence Ends By Bryan G. Shewmaker Summary

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Providence Ends by Bryan G. Shewmaker is the first book in the new Solar Winds series, a massive space opera set many thousands of years in the future. Humanity has conquered space and has met a multitude of different species living in various parts of the universe. Some species are living peacefully; others are fighting to conquer the entire galaxy and assert their ultimate supremacy. Robert Panzer is a colonel and decorated member of the famous Solar Commando Corps. As most other humans of his time, his body has been enhanced with nanotechnology that allows fast regeneration and recovery from wounds. He is not only a great warrior but also a powerful metapsion: he can read and influence the minds of his peers with ease and see in the future. Meet Simmonne Mandrake, the Imperial Rose: a powerful princess, the Solar Emperor’s youngest child. When…show more content…
Considering that humans in the book could live for several thousand years, I’m not exaggerating. Even the Solar Emperor has been on his throne for over three millennia. Robert, at his 200 or so years, is considered rather young. When Robert met with his old master, and they began sparring with their swords, I had a sense of déjà vu. I remembered similar interactions between Luke Skywalker and Yoda in Star Wars. The detailed descriptions of various ships reminded me of many Star-Trek episodes. And the large-scale battles gave me a sense of reading about Battlestar Galactica. The main characters, both good and evil, are well-fleshed out. Robert is the typical hero: he is always doing the honorable thing and fighting the enemy to save the princess - even if it means dying in the process. Simmonne is sweet and honest; however, at times I felt that the author depicted her as a weak female in a world dominated by men. Oul’sor, Robert’s worthy enemy, is blinded by
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