Providing Free Healthcare under the NHS

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Reasons for They are causing avoidable harm to themselves Research conducted shows that participants think they should pay extra for the risk(s) they are exposing themselves to smoking, drinking and obesity are risk factors for many diseases or conditions. Research conducted indicates that the people are aware of the risks health educators advice on staying healthy to prevent issues arising from these risk factors. Research shows that the number of people exposing themselves to these risks is increasing Various campaigns have been run to encourage people to desist from these behaviours. Reasons against Health is a basic human right and all people are entitled to basic health care. More compaigns can be conducted since attitude change is a process and cannot be expected to take place immediately More research needs to be conducted since this is a sensitive issue Some of those who engage in these behaviours are suffering from psychological disorders such as depression A public uproar would result if this kind of 'discrimination' in the NHS was instituted People who contribute to their own ill-health through smoking, drinking or obesity should not be entitled to free care on the NHS Research Research conducted in the UK shows that from the 2,000 participants, one in every 3 participants thought that those who expose themselves to risk factors such as alcohol, obesity and smoking should pay extra for their health care since they are exposing themselves
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