Providing More Engaging Trainings That Meet The Needs Of All Adult Learners Present

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I. Area of Focus The purpose of this study is to find and incorporate ways of providing more engaging trainings that meet the needs of all adult learners present. The focus will be on participant engagement and retention of training topics. Every year, my job is to provide preservice trainings for center teaching staff during which they are trained on child development topics. When I visit the centers during the year, I can see there is a breakdown between what we are training them on and what they are applying in their classrooms. When I ask them about preservice trainings, they often cannot remember all the information or topics that I am referring to. I am searching for ways to keep staff engaged in and benefiting from trainings so…show more content…
There are people that have been with the program for several years and need more in depth trainings, and there are people that are recently hired that need a more basic training. Due to the large population alone, there will be a variety of teaching and learning styles present. It is difficult to accommodate all types of learners during a training session, however by trying to incorporate various methods into my teaching, I may be able to reach the majority of my students (University of Massachusetts, 2015). The problem could also lie in the fact that these participants are present for three to four days of trainings at a time and there is no room for retention due to the fact that training is too long and contains too much information. There is also pressure put upon myself and my team as we are conducting the trainings and then following up on those trainings with a monitoring process. When the teaching staff are not implementing new policies and procedures that we trained on, it becomes a question of how well or complete the trainings were. The center supervisors do not like when myself and my team writes CAPs as they think it reflects negatively on their center, so they put extreme pressure on the classroom staff not to receive them during our monitorings, even though we have discussed with them that receiving
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