Providing More Technology Training For Teachers

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The need that prompted this project proposal is that of providing more technology training for teachers in order to address the ongoing desire for increased student achievement rates in our school and district. In the upcoming school year, our district will be rolling out a 1:1 initiative to provide devices for each student in our school (and all other schools in the county). The problem that comes along with this initiative is the lack of knowledge and training that teachers have received to prepare for this roll out. Paul Gorski (2005) describes the “digital divide” that exists in schools as being about more than just the physical access to technology but, more importantly, the equity of access to internet and technology. In his discussion about the need for a systemic shift in thought and action, he suggested actions taking place such as providing more effective and more complete teacher training on how to use computers and the Internet in progressive, pedagogically sound ways. Another action that should be present in this shift is ensuring that all students and teachers have equitable access to up-to date software and hardware, and relevant training for how to use them. No matter how many technology devices a school receives, they are ineffective if the students and teachers do not have relevant training for how to use them. According to the ISTE standards (2008), teachers should be expected, among other strategies, to "engage students in exploring real-world issues and
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