Providing The Highest Level Of Quality Healthcare

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Providing The Highest Level Of Quality Healthcare to Our Patient

Providing the highest level of quality healthcare to our patient is our number one priority as nurses in this profession. However, for this goal to be met, we need the collaborative support from management to correctly staff our nursing units. Our staffing needs should not just been based on the legal minimum requirement, management needs to go beyond the traditional methodology of staffing and calculate the staffing needs from a different approach in order for us, nurses to meet that goal.
There are staffing guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency within the US Department of Health & Human Services that is responsible for administration of several key federal health care programs. They have set the nurse patient ratios and many facilities have based their calculation of staffing needs according to these guidelines (CMS.GOV). Although these guidelines can be helpful as a starting point to determine staffing needs. Moreover, when it comes to nurse patient ratio, they are many more factors that managements need to consider in order to make the right staffing decision that will promote patient safety and secure the delivery of quality of healthcare to our patient. Patient acuity, patient condition, individual needs, staff level of experience, the environment and appropriate unit just to name a few are some of the significant factors that can affect the quality of the
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