Providing a Theoretical and Practical Guidance for Fear Appeal Advertising

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1. Abstract: The purpose of this study is to provide theoretical and practical guidance for fear appeal advertising. This research will do so by using the predictions of the Ordered Protection Motivation model to improve the effectiveness of threat appeals and studying it in an anti-smoking communications. Previous research into this area has been flawed by a number of improper assumptions therefore leaving a weak theoretical base and a need for more practical guidance. For this research, the level of threat used in the communication in addition to the type of threat used will be examined in terms of their effect on the coping response chosen by an adolescent individual. From here, the coping response will be tested in terms of its effect on attitude towards the advertisement and towards smoking. Adolescent smoking behaviour has become of increasing concern because of the number of adolescent individuals taking up this unhealthy habit. As a result of this, in addition to the fact that different types of threats have varying importance to adolescents, they have been deemed as relevant population for study. Advertisements used in the study are being created by two graphic designers. Data will be collected from approximately 300 adolescent respondents. These respondents will be taken from public and private schools in the metropolitan area of New York and will be narrowed to grades 11 and 12. This research has significance for theory as it tests the main concepts brought up in
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