Providing the World with Clean, Decontaminated Drinking Water

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Introduction Due to a rapid increase in population the demand for water is rising higher every year. A lack of natural freshwater forces scientists and businesses to create the most productive and efficient filters and water systems. Desalination is one of the many ways of providing the world with clean, and non-contaminated water. The many types of desalinating water provides the world with only one percent of its total water demands, yet the companies running these plants are worth an estimated 87 billion dollars combined. Desalinated water is easy to create, and works extremely effectively, but the amount of energy needed is costly. It is an easy source of clean drinking water for humans, but may have a bad effect on the planet in future years. What is the technology you are writing about and how does it work? Desalination is a way to create healthy, clean drinking water. Desalination is the process of removing salt from water. There are many types of desalination including; reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, electrodialysis, thermal desalination, multiple effect desalination, and multistage flash desalination. All types of desalination include filtering water, using a variety of ways to remove the salt. The clean water, and separated salt can, and are used. Electricity, filters, membranes and heat are used to cleanse the water, so it is able to be used by humans, safely. Desalination is an efficient way the remove salt from seawater, and convert contaminated water to

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