Provincial Jail

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MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYSchool of Architecture, Industrial Design, and Built Environment | Proposed Redevelopment of Provincial Jail of Batangas | AR 200 - Thesis Research Writing | BY | CALINGASAN, NANCY APRIL2005109704 | 5/10/2012 | Crowding, degrading physical and mental health of prisons, and deteriorating environmental quality are common issues in Philippine jails. This research aims to suggest built environment improvements in provincial jails considering both its punitive and reformative functions. Architectural recommendations include (1) exclusionary and inclusionary space planning, (2) planning to increase security, and (3) modular planning for limited spaces. | ------------------------------------------------- Table…show more content…
35 Figure 13 Site Development Plan of Provincial Jail of Batangas 36 Figure 14 Sun Path Diagram 39 Figure 15 Wind Analysis 39 Figure 16 Noise Analysis 39 Figure 17 Location Map 40 Figure 18 Tower Post Detailed Section 44 Figure 19 Perimeter Fence Detail 45 Figure 20 Perimeter Fence Elevation and Tower Post Detail 45 Figure 21 Barracks Elevation 46 Figure 22 Barracks Floor Plan 46 the problem Background Philippine Prison is heavily congested. The main problem with every jail in the Philippines is the lack of space for the inmates. According to the statistics released by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, 76.34 percent of jails in the Philippines are congested. This data clearly shows that there is lack of space for the both detainees and convicted criminals. Most of holding facilities are way beyond the original design capacity of prisons. This fact denies the inmates the basic right to sleep well. If our jails have more humane conditions in the heart of the holding facilities, major reforms in the criminal justice system could take place that could give prison inmates a chance at rehabilitation and a meaningful life after imprisonment. At present, most jails are poorly maintained and deprived of necessary health care facilities as well as work program facilities. Proper visitation facilities are also not available for the inmates. These facilities are essential to programs to safely contain the prisoners and detainees. It is well known that in
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