Proxima Centauri Research Paper

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I will talk about the Proxima Centauri star and how it was discovered.And why they call it the
Earth-like planet.And have any spacecraft’s ever made it there and lots more thing about
The Proxima Centauri star. And i will try to answer some of the questions about the Proxima Centauri.So that is what i will be talking about in this paragraph about the Proxima Centauri.

The Proxima Centauri was discovered in 1915 by union observatory in johannesburg,South Africa.How was the Proxima discovered it was discovered by the mission in 2009. When over
Four thousand exoplanet candidates have been discovered.And Proxima was one of those
Candidates that was discovered in 2009.So that is how the Proxima was discovered and when it was discovered.

They say that Proxima Centauri is a earth-like planet because they say that it is the same size as the earth and it is the closest star to earth.They say that
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So many scientists have tried seeing this star close up and trying to find out if humans can be able to live there.And there are a lot more things that they still need to know about this star and how it got their.Scientists have known about this star for a very long time but still not confirmed if it is safe to go there.This star is the only star that is the closest the sun and not that far from the earth.So that is what i know about the star Proxima centauri and what they have discovered about this star that they call the earth-like
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