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At first it was the cure all people were looking for. Then it became the drug they were afraid to take. Somewhere between these two extremes lies the truth about the drug Flouxetine, better known as Prozac, the most widely prescribed drug on the globe. It is mainly prescribed to patients suffering from clinical depression. It was first brought to the market in 1988 by the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly co. Even though it was originally prescribed for depression, it has been prescribed for everything from eating disorders to insomnia. It was first considered the wonder drug of the new decade because of the way it helped depression patients when no other anti-depressant could
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"Clinical depression" includes at least five of the following nine symptoms:
1. Feelings of sadness or irritability.
2. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed.
3. Changes in weight or appetite.
4. Changes in sleeping pattern.
5. Feeling Guilty, hopeless or worthless.
6. Inability to concentrate, remember things, or makes decisions.
7. Fatigue or loss of energy.
8. Restlessness or decreased activity noticed by others.
9. Thoughts of suicide or death.
Dr. Brian K. Martin, President of the Mental Health Association of Hawaii, recommends that anyone who has suffered five or more of these symptoms for two weeks or longer see a doctor (7). Nationally, the Mental Health Association estimates that only one-third of those suffering from depression actually seek help. Most are restrained, according to the association, "by fear, lack of knowledge, misinformation, and stigma." Depression is also the leading cause of suicide. It is estimated that 15 percent of seriously depressed people take their own lives (7).
The cons of Prozac Historically, the use of drugs as fixers of the world's private ills has run into serious, if unanticipated, snags. At the turn of the century, the medical community thought that Cocaine was a completely appropriate, nonaddictive drug, and widely prescribed it. In the 1950s and '60s, first barbiturates and then amphetimines were recommended for various psychological ailments. It
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