Pruitt: A Summary

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On 11/13/2016 I, Deputy Daniel Pruitt was dispatched to 20148 Fawn Fairway for a animal compalint. I spoke to Lonnie Millsap who stated his neiynor's goat attacked his mother Beverly Millsap. Beverly stated she was outside to try and make the goat go back to the owners property. Beverly stated the goat charged her and caused her to fall. Beverly stated she grabbed the goat by the horn to stop it from hitting her with it's horns. Beverly stated she yelled for Lonnie. beverly had several cuts to both arms from the goats horns and pictures were taken of the injuries. Lonnie stated he came outside and seen the goat on his mother. Lonnie stated he grabbed the goat so his mother could get up. lonnie stated the goat was trying to hit him with
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