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Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and Sony’s Playstation 3 are the top three video game consoles in the U.S. market. In order to become more competitive, and gain a larger share within the video game console market, Sony must make some changes within their marketing mix. In an industry with a value of over $450M and $670M, the U.S. video game console and video game software markets, respectively, are rapidly growing and highly profitable markets. The largest segment of the market (over 56%) for video game consoles are men ages 18-34. These young men are purchasing action/adventure games (39% of the video game market) and sports games (36% of the video game market). In order for Sony to capture a larger share of the video console market through…show more content…
with GameStop being #1 for ages 18-34 – 18-24 33% and 25-34 at 27% -Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, and Ubisoft accounted for about half of console game sales in 2009 -Marketing techniques are designed to increase anticipation, video clips/trailers for the video games, and the utilization of humor and dramatization -Males are more likely to buy and play video games; mainly males 18-34 -Strong correlation between video game ownership/play and the presence of children in the home -Shift in marketing towards family oriented games -Xbox and Wii are more favorable to PS3 -Action/adventure and sports games are two most popular games overall – for males 39% action/adventure and 36% for sports -Young adults prefer more sophisticated games -“Closely targeting games to the needs of specific audiences is a strategy more likely to succeed.” Positioning Statement: -Targeted customers – males 18-34 -Use price points as a marketing strategy – release at lower prices and/or release at a “sale” price or offer price discounts -Market through media most commonly used by males 18-34 – Maxim Magazine, FHM, Sports Illustrated, social networks (Facebook, Google, ESPN), cable television networks (ESPN, Spike TV, MTV) -Position against Xbox and Wii – adoption of interactive gaming solutions and

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