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Final Psychology Paper Kaplan University PS 330 – Personality Development Final analysis paper As the semester reaches the end my mind is enriched in psychological theories that can be applied to everyday use. Obtaining the knowledge of these theories has allowed me to analyze, critically think, and dissect the dimensions of personality. For my final work of this course I have chosen Florence Nightingale. Nightingale is such a significant person in my career field as a registered professional nurse; she of course is the unsung hero of my profession and an outstanding pioneer of her time. There aren’t as many influential nursing figures in history as there are musicians, entertainers, or even sports players. We must always peer…show more content…
“In these conditions, it was not surprising that in army hospitals, war wounds only accounted for one death in six. Diseases such as typhus, cholera, and dysentery were the main reasons why the death rate was so high amongst wounded soldiers” (Spartacus, 2011, ¶ 10). Nightingale went on to establish sanitary guidelines to improve nursing quality, statistical ways of obtaining data, and most importantly environmental factors to improve patient quality. What we know of Florence Nightingale is that although she was born into a wealthy family, she had a different drive in her life towards helping other humans. Nightingale demonstrated pure altruism, but why? What constitutes for her behaviors and traits, there must be a key to unlocking the personality development of Florence Nightingale. Discussion and Evaluation with Psychological theories and approaches Through psychoanalytic theory Adler spoke of the pampered child, we have learned that Nightingale’s father was highly involved in her life and she was quite wealthy. Many during this time period would view her as spoiled, but her later developed altruistic personality does not coincide. Cloninger, Allen, & Schustack (2008) said “Some of Adler’s most critical remarks were directed towards parental pampering. Children who are treated with overindulgence come to expect that others will cater to their needs. They are in a word, spoiled” (p.107). Even though Nightingale lived this “spoiled”
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