Psalm 18 : The Third Longest Of All The Psalms And Is One Of The Few

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Psalm 18 is the third longest of all the psalms and is one of the few to contain an extensive heading. This psalm also has a parallel text found in 2 Samuel 22 providing further information and highlighting its importance to the Israelite people. The text speaks of David’s military victories but the emphasis is not on himself but on the victory that was won through God’s power and might. God is shown to be a saving God, something present day Christians cling to daily. In order to understand the context of Psalm 18, one must first understand the book as a whole. The title of the book comes from the Greek word psallo which means “to pluck”, referencing the stringed instruments that normally accompanied the singing of the psalms. The psalms are composed by many people including David, Moses, Solomon, songs of Korah and Asaph. Psalm 18 states that it was written by King David, for which there is no concrete evidence to contradict. However there are some factors that may offer insight into the authorship, which will be spoken on later. The book of Psalms is often divided into five sections: Psalms 1-41, 42-72, 73-89, 90-106, and 107-150. The divide is considered to follow the Pentateuch which is separated in this manner for the temple worship. Each section ends with a doxology which summarizes and gives praise for the Psalms that came before it. Overall, the intent of the book of Psalms is to concentrate and dwell on God. Psalm 18 is considered to be a psalm of thanksgiving,

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