Psalm 27 Displays Perfect Faith

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Psalm 27 displays perfect faith in God. It erases all doubt and fear and asks for God to always be present in the speaker’s life. It asks for protection and salvation. The Psalm acknowledges difficulty and enemies and their power over the speaker, but he remains sure that God’s power reigns over all- even the most fearsome of adversaries. Psalm 27 opens with the lines “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” This line speaks to me because in life we all need light to work and survive and we need safety in order to live instead of just survive. This verse plainly says that God is all we need. It goes on to say “Whom shall I fear?” It shows pure trust in God in a way that is unlike any other. First the verse says God is safety, but then it goes on saying that no one can break that safety. It explains that God is a safe haven that no bit of creation or chaos could break through. The second verse explains that all evil is incapable of destroying God and instead of being frightening, they will merely fall. The Psalm goes on to profess confidence in God. All the time we are told “Confidence is key!” or “Confidence is beautiful!” Maybe we should start viewing God in that way. Perhaps true beauty is not showing off who you are, but who God is. God is more powerful, beautiful, and mind-blowing than any human could be without Him. Why do we look for pride or posture or ferocity when God is better than anything a human could provide? Having confidence in
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