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s paper one will discuss two myths from different cultures. The two myths chosen for this paper are the Genesis creation (Hebrew origin) of the Christian culture, and the Norse culture of Iceland (the Vikings). Both of these creation myths start with an emptiness where conflict and chaos eventually develop. The Genesis crearion is between God, nothing, blackness, emptiness, loneliness, and the need to create something. The Norse creation is between the dark cold realm of Niflheim, within the emptiness of Ginnungagap, and the fiery realm of Muspell, where nothing can grow. There are nine classifications of creation myths, which most include more than one motif. The Genesis cosmogonies applies both ex nihilo, and deus faber motifs. The…show more content…
Day five, "God created every living creature of the seas and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply and fill the waters and the sky with life" (Fairchild, 2013, para. 6). Day six, "God created the animals to fill the earth" (Fairchild, 2013, para. 7). Then God created man in his own image, both male and female, and instructed them to multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 1: 27-28). He made them rulers over the earth to cultivate and care for it, and every living thing upon the earth (Genesis 1: 28). On day seven, God said his work was done, so he blessed the seventh day, making it a day of rest. The Norse creation myth does not have one maker of good, but many events and elements that emerge from one evil giant. In this story a cow slowly licks away mountains of ice from two beings, creating the god Buri and his goddess wife (Distant Train, Inc., 2011). "They had a son named Bor, and his son was named Odin, who became the king of all the gods" (Distant Train, Inc., 2011, para. 6). Ymir was an evil, brutal, and cruel giant. One day Odin and the other gods plotted to kill Ymir because they could no longer follow his evil ways. Ymir's body became the earth, his flesh became the land, his blood became the sea, his hair became the trees, and his bones became the mountains (Distant Train, Inc., 2011). Odin and the other gods created the sky from Ymirs' skull, which was held up by four pillars (Distant Train, Inc., 2011). Odin created the moon and the sun by
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