Psd To Veterans Research Paper

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PTSD or Veterans Counseling Sara E. Seashole School of Professional Counseling Lindsey Wilson College Author Note Sara E. Seashole, The School of Professional Counseling, Lindsey Wilson College. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Sara E. Seashole, P O Box 1433 Harlan, KY 40831. Email: Abstract This paper is about counselors who choose to work with veterans or those who suffer from PTSD. The topics that will be discussed are the specific job descriptions, the salary one could look to receive, the certification requirements, and the future of this ever growing field. “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds,” (Lauren K. Hamilton). PTSD is a mental disorder that comes from experiencing a traumatic event. It can manifest itself with flashbacks, severe anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts and constant memories of the event. This can be detrimental to daily life and living. (Mayo…show more content…
I feel these numbers are definitely older because current statistics are much higher due to current conflicts. I am not one versed in the many things that one could possibly have ever bore witness too in the conflicts and such that some have seen, but I do understand what the extreme anxiety, heightened alerts from sounds and actions, and being completely disabled in life from suffering my own form of PTSD after an assault. I suffered a major depression for a long time as well as all the symptoms as mentioned above. I feel I have gone thru and come out on the other side of much of my difficulty, and have learned so much along the way. In my heart this is where I am being led to, and I would like to help others be on the other side, the better and happier side of life in any way I can. This is my career
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