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The charter school system is a collection of autonomous institutions that are required to comply with general academic standards, thus meaning their success rate cannot be measured. One of the leading charter schools in Philadelphia is Mastery and it’s the biggest competitor to the Public-School system. Due to Mastery’s infamous name and increasing student population, it seems to be better compared with our State funded system. I argue that Mastery is a more efficient school system than the PSD . I will be discussing some of the main impact variables of a child’s education, including disciplinary practices such as uniformity in school, school culture, and enrollment. By addressing these topics, it will be evident that Mastery creates a healthier…show more content…
In Mastery schools, uniforms are required during all school hours. The student’s appearance must be neat, clean, and proudly worn without any exceptions. Students who come to school not in required uniform, will be expected to contact a family member to bring the correct uniform, face consequences and/or be sent home for the day. Upper elementary, middle and high school are also required to wear a lanyard, as a form of identification. Students hold merit and/or demerit cards to grant them access to the school building. If a student were to lose or misplace their lanyard they are charged a replacement fee. The uniform attire differs depending on which Mastery Campus a student attends. Exact information in regards to uniforms can be found via Mastery Charter school's official website or at the school's front desk. In PSD, student is expected to follow their school's individualized dress code. The school's principal determines and communicates the final decision to the student body. In PSD unlike Mastery, dress code violations do not result in an exclusion from classroom activities, but repeated uniform violations may result in detention. Furthermore, uniform is excused for spirit / club’s days. Religious attire is allowed for students to wear in compliance with uniforms. Students also have the right to dress in accordance with their stated gender…show more content…
Mastery promotes a non-violent community; restorative practices are in place and Mastery believes true learning comes from understanding of one’s responsibility to one’s self. The school is built around strengthening and repairing. Mastery promotes respectful and trusting relationships, both in the classroom and within the communities they live in. The way the restorative practices are applied depending on the grade level of the student. Kindergarten through 3rd grade use a rewards and consequence system. Colorized codes display what kind of day a student had, and from this color system a language is created for teachers to communicate with students. Grades 4 through 12 use either the Merit or Demerit system. The merit system tracks the exemplary behavior and actions. The merit cards are given and are to be carried along with school Id on the lanyard. Demerits track minor infractions. A new demerit card is given each month, and once a new card is given, it is considered a “clean slate “for the student. A filled demerit card is given to the dean of students which leads to a detention and a new one will be given for the remainder of the month. Mastery’s discipline system is created to have a safe, respectful and cooperative community. The discipline system is broken up into three levels. Level one is anything that negatively impacts Mastery’s high achievement culture and community safety respect and cooperation. Level

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