Pseudo Transformational Leadership Analysis

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Thank you for your post. As I survey my own submission and those of our peers, it is clear that many of us chose to examine the negative impact of charismatic leaders who are well known. It was refreshing to see that you choose a leader whom you knew as you sought to apply our course reading and discussions to a situation that was close to you. The ability to carry course material out of the theoretical realm and into one’s practical day-to-day life is what this is all about. Well done.
You provided an excellent description of Mrs. Coughlan which offered a framework for helping the reader understand your choice of leader, while also setting the stage for your sound analysis. I appreciated your point that one’s focus on the improvement
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This is an important point that often gets overlooked. When leaders focus on the success of their employees, they increase the probability of their own success. When a leader is focused on their own success, employees know it, and relationships and motivation suffers. Mrs. Coughlan clearly falls into the trap of pseudo-transformational leadership as demonstrated by her lack of attentiveness to teachers needs, not cultivating a collaborative environment, and poor communication (Regua, 2015). This demonstrates low levels of competency in basic leadership skills. In order for a leader to be truly effective, they must first demonstrate their own ability and character before there are able to cultivate relationships and trust (FranklinCovey, n.d.). In this regard, I agree with your assessment of Mr. Caughlan’ strengths of leadership skills and courage are spot on, while social awareness and information sharing are clear examples of developmental areas. As one considers your description, I wonder if the mobilization of others and vision as described by Bradberry and Greaves (2012) would also be considered to be developmental areas given the lack of clarity possessed by the team regarding what and why she was making certain
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