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The difference in the disparity in Raja’s and Maya’s performance seems to be based on the patriarchal society in Bangladesh. Studies have shown that men do most of the household purchases, and women are influenced by the men as far as what to purchase. This might be a reflection of the difference in literacy rates between men and women, which is 27% and 12%, respectively. Women don’t have purchasing power. Raja, which means king, speaks to the masculinity of the men making them feel more powerful. Since Raja is a male condom, it is targeted toward the men in the villages. Maya, which means beauty, is a birth control pill that has been marketed toward women, but as stated before, women do not hold the purchasing power. Women both listen to…show more content…
They have to fight the culture and attitudes, the buying/selling process, and the medical care system. In a survey, it showed that there was an overall ignorance of birth control methods thus why there were so many large families in Bangladesh. The distribution for birth control was mainly done through the local markets of the small villages in Bangladesh. Pharmacies, general stores and pan stores were the main places where the products were sold and small-scale entrepreneurs owned all these retail locations. Therefore, the competitors in the market weren’t dealing with large-scale companies, which means it was a lot harder to establish a strong relationship with its distributors and control the in-store marketing for their products. Another barrier for the competitors was the lack of formal medical education of the doctors. Many of them were not familiar with Western medicine (including oral contraceptives) so they were not helping to encourage women to take birth control pills in general. As far as a new marketing plan, I would first change the name of the product because the negative image associated with it resonated too much with the doctors, RMPs and the female patients. It has been confused with the government pill because of the side effects that it has caused in some women. These women assume that they are taking Maya instead of what they’re actually taking, which is the government pill. The name should be something that still sounds feminine but
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