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Nadira A Quraishi Submitted to-Tracy Blackwell PSI Report part 2 26th Jan 2011 Incident Report Date of incident: 06/04/2009 Time: 12.30 PM Name of the defendant: John Doe Address: 2804 Emil ct, Woodbridge, VA 22191 Phone Number(s): 586-765-7896 Date of birth: 12/03/1987 male: √ Female ___ Name of injured person: Jonathan Douglas Details of incident: Defendant and his friend went to the same store where he was arrested previously for shoplifting. He threw a beverage to the security’s face and slapped him. Defendant got really angry when he saw the security. Defendant thinks he was responsible for his arrest in the past because the security caught him for shoplifting. As the defendant is…show more content…
WHERFORE, the offender’s officer prays the Court revoke the offender’s probation and enter a dispositional order. Tim Peyton Probation Officer SUPERIOR COURT OF VIRGINIA COUNTY OF PRINCE WILLIAM THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA NOTICE OF PROBATION John Doe VIOLATION AND COURT ACTION -------------------------------------- Defendant TO THE JURGE OF THE ABOVE-ENTITLED COURT: On the day of 2nd March, 2009, the above-named defendant was granted twelve months supervised probation for the crime of violation of Section 18.2-96 as a Class 1 misdemeanor of the Virginia Penal Code. ALLEGED VIOLATIONS: Terms of the probation violated: 1. Defendant shell obeys all laws. 2. Defendant shell complies with the instruction of the probation officer. 3. Defendant shell totally stay out of the alcoholic beverage 4. Defendant shell not uses any non-prescribed control substance. 5. Defendant shell not traffic in control substance. 6. Defendant shell enters and successfully complete family therapy program, at his own expense as directed by the probation officer. Violated probation as followed: Defendant was in twelve months supervised probation and he was
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