Essay Psuedopsychology vs the Scientific Method

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Humans have inhabited the Earth for thousands of years and it is perceived by many that we are among the most intellectual species on this planet. Although having lived on this planet for so long, being able to distinguish fact from fiction has escaped the minds of many. People of today’s society are easily influenced by what is told to them instead of what can be proven. Believing in something that has no scientific evidence is not only absurd but can be classified simply as ignorance. Many of the erratic ideas that are believed by many today have originated in a time where superstition was more popular than science. These beliefs appear to be proven by science, but in reality are not valid and frequently confused with…show more content…
All procedure varies from field to field but the steps must be repeatable to predict future results and this is where psudopsychology and fact clash. Replicating the methods is tricky for those who are practicing these “psychologies” because they have to do it a certain way in order for the beliefs of everyone to remain the same. Horoscopes and Astrology: A man who made the practice of horoscopes and astrology susceptible to Christians allowed for these beliefs to spread throughout the world in the 1600’s was William Lilly. During his time he was seen as a great prophet, and became famous for “predicting” The Great Fire of London through one of his hieroglyphic drawings (McCann, 1990). The Great Fire of London happened on September 2, 1666 and it started out as a small fire in the bakeshop of Thomas Forger destroying about 430 acres of land including 13,000 house, 89 churches and many other buildings leaving countless homeless. This fire occurred 14 years after William Lilly predicted one, and at this time London has been prone to having fires due to its infrastructure. Most of the houses and other buildings were made of wood and highly flammable, causing something that started as a house fire to a fire that engulfed a great majority of London. This hasn’t been the only great fire that this city has witnessed. Along with the fire of 1633 and 1676, the fire of 1666 has increased its caliber of destruction primarily because of the city’s construction

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