Psy 1010 Chapter 1 Ra

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Xiaokun Chen
Lora Harpster
PSY 1010
As the psychology is a subject of science, experiment is important part of this subject. Before designing an experiment, we have to design an experiment and we need to confirm the dependent variable and independent variable.
For each of the following scenarios, identify the independent and the dependent variables and explain your choices.

Joan is collecting data on gender differences (male, female) in the ability to empathize.
In this case, the independent variable is the gender and the dependent variable is the ability to empathize. Because this study is to find the difference between male and female, then the gender is the independent variable, which will be controlled by
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In this case, the independent variable is violent or non­violent cartoon and the dependent variable is the violent behavior. What kind of cartoon will decide the different reflect on violent behavior, so the violent or non­violent cartoon is the independent variable.


A chef wants to see if the quality of bread (e.g., texture and appearance) is increased by using an imported Italian yeast, when
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