Psy 200 Article Critique : Obesity And Obesity Essay

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PSY 200 Article Critique #1 Obesity has become one of the number one factors affecting today’s youth. Numerous factors contribute to childhood obesity, such as; poor lifestyle choices and the lack of exercise. In the article Harrison et al. (2011) indicates in order to understand why childhood obesity and overweight are on the rise, we first need to establish the factors that contribute to this dilemma. There is no doubt that nature and nurture contribute to childhood overweight and obesity; that is why researchers developed the Six-Cs Model to examine this problem of childhood obesity. The Six-Cs Model focuses on six categories: cell, child, clan, community, country, and culture. This ecological model helps researchers understand the factors of childhood overweight from a young age to adolescence (Harrison et al., 2011). There has been numerous research on childhood obesity and many of them have offered ecological models that have been influenced by Bronfenbrenner (1979) and many others. Harrison et al. (2011) extends this model by developing the Six-Cs Model that identifies the environmental, hereditary and psychosocial influences that can be adapted at any stage from infancy through adolescence. In each sphere, the authors contributed their supports with recent studies and providing factors that has contributed to childhood overweight and obesity. The way they convey these ideas is by highlighting the important developmental stages that children undergo. A major finding

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