Psy 203 Week 3 Essay

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Multiple Choice Highlight the correct answer. 1. Angelica wants to win the beauty contest because she wants the trophy and the recognition. She is ______________ motivated. a. intrinsically b. avoidance c. extrinsically d. situationally 2. Maslow believed that all human beings strive to become a. great people b. self-actualized c. goal oriented d. achievement oriented 3. _________________ theory postulates that bodily reactions occur before the emotions and _____________________ theory postulates that both the bodily reactions and emotions occur at the same time. a. Cannon–Bard theory; James–Lange theory b. James–Lange theory; Two factor theory c. James–Lange theory; Cannon–Bard theory d. Emotional…show more content…
self-efficacy 10. According to Erikson’s psychosocial development theory, what is the life crisis stage when people develop close relations with others? a. Identity versus role diffusion b. Intimacy versus isolation c. Generativity versus stagnation d. Integrity versus despair Fill in the Blank 1. _______________ A state of deprivation or deficiency 2. _______________ A state of bodily tension, such as hunger or thirst 3. _______________ Rewards or other stimuli that motivate us to do something 4. _______________ The motive or desire to become successful 5. _______________ The desire to earn wealth or respect of others 6. _______________ Achieving self-satisfaction by completing a particular goal 7. _______________ Feeling states that psychologist view as having cognitive, physiological, and behavioral components 8. _______________ The belief that emotions occur after people become aware of the physiological responses to the triggering stimuli 9. ________________ The belief that emotional and physiological responses occur simultaneously 10. ________________ A mental framework for understanding or acting on the environment 11. ________________ The process of adjustment that enables people to function more effectively in meeting the demands they face in the environment 12. ________________ The process of incorporating new objects or situations into existing schemas 13. ________________ The process of creating new schemas or modify existing

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