Psy 220 Week 21

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By week 21, you might feel that your little baby has been practicing her Kung Fu moves inside of you. As she’s growing bigger, the frequency of those kicks is also ever-increasing. By now, you have a baby bump. If you are a working mother-to-be, practicalities of applying for maternity leave may start haunting you. Sleep deprivation teamed with anxiety about weight gain and labor might also occupy your thoughts. It might be a good idea to start organizing your life in anticipation of labor, childbirth and baby care from week 21 onwards.

Changes happening to your body in week 21

Even though the pregnancy symptoms of the first trimester have settled completely, your body starts behaving in strange ways. The physical changes happening to you during week 21 are as follows:

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Your baby’s muscles start functioning in synchronization with her brain. Hence her movements are not random jerks anymore; you will feel those movements as deliberate and strong. For example, you may feel a lot of kicking and wriggling when you lie down in particular positions. Believe it or not, your baby does not like those postures and is kicking you to find a comfortable position within your womb.
Dos and don’ts of week 21

With your pregnancy gaining momentum with each passing week, preparation is now more important than before. You might need a good amount of support, both physically and emotionally, at this stage of your pregnancy. Here are a few things you should consider from week 21 onwards:

Does your husband travel a lot as part of his job? Are you left to manage household things on your own? Well, try not to stay at home alone when your husband is away. You can ask your friends or family to come and stay with you when you are alone. Or if your health allows traveling, you can spend some days with your parents or in-laws.
If you are a working mother-to-be, it is time you get someone to help you with domestic
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