Psy 220 Week 6 Assignment

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There are many factors that can influence a person’s interpretation of a situation. Cultural background, religion, prior experiences, or something as simple as a person’s mood can affect the outlook they have toward situations. Two individuals can witness the same event and have opposite reactions or interpretations of the incident. One instance of this can be illustrated by the observations of interaction between a group of friends and a man who was seemingly down on his luck. Growing up in southern California, there were frequently situations where there was interaction with transients or the homeless. One such occurrence has always remained etched in my memory. While heading to lunch with a group of friends we walked past a man who…show more content…
He was left homeless and ultimately penniless. I made every effort to assure the man was comfortable and being treated no differently than I would treat anyone else I crossed paths with. My parents raised us in a religious home and we were taught to treat everyone we encountered with the same love and respect we would show to Jesus himself. In fact, stories were told to us as children of people being dressed in rags being messengers of God. Small talk continued as we waited for our food, until the owner of the restaurant brought the food out to our table and apologized for his son’s snap judgment toward the man (p.51). He explained that the previous month they had a transient man come to the restaurant daily. He would dig through the trash can directly next to the front door, ask patrons for food or money, and argue loudly with the employees of the restaurant when he was confronted or asked to leave. The owner had guests who were regulars (such as me and my group of friends) that commented to him about the stressful situation it created and how uncomfortable they had been with the escapades of the wanderer. From the owner’s point of view, I could be empathetic toward his reasoning for not wanting his customers driven off by harassment and badgering (p.53). His opinion of the situation was in stark contrast to mine. He believed that any transient who wandered by would be detrimental to his business and that they needed to

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