Psy 230 Week 2

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One of the important things that I learned from Demo and Fine chapter 4 and 5 is about the societal views of marriage and divorce. By reading chapter 4, it has been clear to me that marriage still reserved as the highest desired institution. However, I also shocked with the fact that marriage rates are higher for more educated men and women compared to prior generations that are lower for more educated individuals. About divorce, it is good to hear that the negative stigma associated with divorce is reduced over time even though it does not seem that it has become positive in the recent years.

Besides, I also learned that even though marriage is popular, the social norms governing marriage have become weaker. This happens may be because there is a change from institutional to companionate marriage and also there is a larger emphasis on marriage meeting individualistic and self-fulfilling need. People hold many expectations on marriage. People expect marriage can help
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However, there are still regional differences in settlement and custody even though all of the states have some form of no-fault divorce. Besides, divorce procedures have become simpler and divorce is once again a personal decision. Nevertheless, the divorce processes are still complicated especially if the married couple have children.

Moreover, I learned about the internal emotional and psychological dimensions of divorce introduced by Reva Wiseman. By reading this, it shows that process of separation can extends deeply into the psyche. Wiseman said that there are five stages of divorce—denial, loss and depression, anger and ambivalence, reorientation of lifestyle and identity and acceptance and integration. This view of divorce let us see and learn about the process of crisis in individuals’ mind. It also shows how emotions can shift accompanying
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