Psy 240 Wk 4 Assignment to Eat or Not to Eat Essay

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To Eat or Not to Eat Introduction: Hello my name is xxxxxxx xxxxxx and I am an Eating Disorder Counselor. Today I will be discussing the physiological reasons for eating or not eating and then I will open the floor for discussion. There are two theories on why we get hungry; these theories are called the Set or Settling Point theory, and the other is the Positive – Incentive theory. The Set or Settling theory differs a bit in the point of optimal weight (or fat/energy level) however the basic idea is the same. In this theory everyone has a set point (or an equilibrium) where the body is using the stored energy, and if the body is above this point then it does not become hungry if it is below the set point the body is lacking…show more content…
Studies have shown that people eating alone eat considerably less that people that eat with others; however certain factor such as dieting or afraid to eat in front of other may have some effect on this situation. Having too many choices or different foods can increase the intake of food because as you eat one food you naturally lose some positive-incentive to eat but as you take on a whole new taste the effect comes back for the new food and will continue with each new subject. There are some myths about hunger and satiety I’d like to address. First the lack of energy (fuel) is not what causes hunger. Second if you manage to lose weight without changing your lifestyle when you go back to eating as you always did you will gain it right back. Exercising alone is not an effective way to lose weight; if you don’t change the intake of calories there is no amount of exercise that can keep up. Exercising has healthy benefits but each of us has to have balance of the correct amount of calories and exercise to be healthy. As I opened the floor for discussion the first question was from: 1. Lindsey asked: My parents were both obese, is that why I am? It is very possible that there is a genetic link to your parents in the area of weight; however we should explore the fact that you may have simply inherited some poor eating habits. 2. Robert

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