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Final PSY 270 PSY 270 9/11/2011 Pamela J Reeves Final PSY 270 The subject (Marla) is a 42 year old female who is seeking help from the mental health clinic for a variety of symptoms which the subject believes is causing her distress. These symptoms include: trouble sleeping, feeling jumpy all of the time, and an in ability to concentrate. The subject, whose complaint is a decreased performance at work, feels these symptoms to be the cause. It is apparent that a concern for the subject’s employment has prompted her to seek help for these issues. During intake it is agreed that the subject’s symptoms require further analysis to reach a final diagnostic conclusion as these symptoms are apparent in the criteria of a multitude of…show more content…
Is there any family history of depression or suicide? 9. Tell me how you perceive that people see you, what kind of moral or ethical structure do you feel you have? 10. Do you take any medications at this time; do you use alcohol or any other substance? 11. How long have you been experiencing these symptoms? 12. Have you had any other physical symptoms, such as chest pain or stomach problems? 13. In regards to your inability to sleep, what specifically are you experiencing? 14. Have you lost interest in any of your outside activities? 15. On a scale from one to ten, one being the least and ten being the highest, how would you rate how troublesome your symptoms are to you? The subject is then sent to our Clinic Physician to make certain that no other physical reasons may exist for her symptoms. A full physical exam along with a blood test or (CBC) will be required to rule out any thyroid problem or history of substance abuse. The subject is asked to come back the following week for the findings of the treatment team. The results of the test are gathered and taken to the treatment team for evaluation. A Multiaxial Evaluation is used which classifies the criteria from the DSM-IV. The first is Axis I which includes clinical disorders, most V-codes and conditions that need clinical attention. In this case the subjects Axis I would be: 300.4 Dysthymic Disorder, Late onset, the Axis II is the area for Personality Disorders and/or Mental
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