Psy 270 Week 1 Response Paper Topics

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Reflection Paper
When I first started this class, I did not expect to learn as much as I did. My sister took the online version of this class and she told me that she barely put an effort in the class to get a good grade. I feel like that is the opposite reaction in my own experience. I think I put lot of effort into this class, but at the same time I did learn a lot from it. I even use the material from this class to do a whole new research paper on the different class because I feel like this class content is very interesting.
The idea that was change the most for me is the idea I have toward people that mental illness that committed a crime. I used to think that they don’t deserve a second chance, even when they get treated in mental institute, I would not gamble the chance of them hurting other. Eventhough my opinion is not completely change I feel like I understand them more. Especially on the question why they did what they did. Which help me … think the first response paper is the paper that I can reflect on the most. This response paper shown how much my idea have change even with the stuff that was not relate to this class. In the beginning
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It was informative and definitely change my perspective of serial killer and mental illness people. I feel like I am able to understand them better. This book’s content brought some of a very interesting point about serial killer. I like that it tell the reader what he think the cause are. He also mentioned some common diagnosis which I feel like it is a very nice touch, he explain them very clearly . The most unique thing in his book was serial killer interview, I did not expected that. On the other hand, Ghostland a bit too far fetch for my personal taste. Conspiracy theory book was also pretty interesting too, but the book seems very difficult to follow along since some of the content doesn’t have a concrete
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