Psy 270 Week 5 Discussion Questions Answers and Research

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Week 5 DQ 2 – Due Thursday, August 26 Please post a 200 - 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply. Discussion Question Review Ch. 10 of Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology. Choose a theoretical viewpoint based on your readings. Answer the following questions: How does your theoretical viewpoint explain the causes of substance abuse, and what treatments does it recommend? What are some of the strengths or weaknesses of your viewpoint? Psychodynamic theorists explain the causes or substance abuse as related to dependency issues dating back to early childhood. This view claims that a when parents fail to satisfy a young child’s need for nurturance the child will grow to be highly dependent on others for…show more content…
Personality inventories and patient interviews have in fact indicated that people who abuse or depend on drugs tend to be more dependent, antisocial, impulsive, novelty-seeking, and depressive than other people (Coffey et al., 2003; Cox et al., 2001; Finn et al., 2000). These findings are correlational, however, and do not clarify whether such personality traits lead to drug use or whether drug use causes people to be dependent, impulsive, and the like. In an effort to determine causation, one study measured the personality traits of a large group of nonalcoholic young men and then kept track of each man’s development (Jones, 1971, 1968). Years later, the traits of the men who developed alcohol problems in middle age were compared with the traits of those who did not. The men who developed alcohol problems had been more impulsive as teenagers and continued to be so in middle age, a finding suggesting that impulsive men are indeed more prone to develop alcohol problems. Similarly, in one laboratory investigation, “impulsive” rats—those that generally had trouble delaying their rewards—were found to drink more alcohol when offered it than other rats (Poulos et al., 1995). A major weakness of this line of argument is the wide range of personality traits that have been tied to substance abuse

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