Psy 270 Week 6 Week Analysis

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Week nine at Wild Dunes Resort consisted of 5 mid shifts: 10:00AM – 6:30AM again. This scheduled compiled with the capstone course and the project requirements has been a challenge as I have no off days and am not allowed to ask for any until April 10th which marks the end of the official spring break season. Juggling and organizing and obtaining very little sleep has become the norm for this last semester at Trident. I am definitely anticipating the end of this semester so life can return to some form of normalcy.
Week nine put me working in the Boardwalk Hotel for two of the five shifts which is vastly different than working at the Village. The office at the Village exist for the purpose of checking in and checking out guests. At the Boardwalk Hotel, guests are constantly running through the lobby and most of them have questions or are making purchases from the little market located by the front desk. The activity level is much higher and the guest interaction is pretty constant. The Boardwalk Hotel continues to undergo renovations and the main restaurant is still weeks away from completion. The hotel’s main pool finally opened this past week which did seem to cheer up some of the guests who were disappointed with the hotel’s renovations. Apparently, reservations is not informing
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It was a mistake and the managers apologized but it was terrifying. At one point, I had at least twenty people waiting in the lobby to be checked in as I seemed to be asked at least a hundred questions that I had never heard before and had no answer to provide to the guest. It was a nightmare for me but I survived those three hours and certainly hope that they do a better job of scheduling in the future. Luckily, I have many resources when I encounter those questions where I have no answer – I dial our WENDI system and many times they can assist me with
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