Psy / 280 Human Growth And Development

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Deondra Braden
January 19, 2015
PSY/280 Human Growth and Development
Human Development Paper

As a human race, in most circumstances we all go through similar stages of development. What most also be taken into account when assessing development is our ranging variations of individualism. Our individual development is subject to a never ending list on influences. Some influences we are born with and some are due to our own life experiences. Our personality comes from all that we are; we feel; we do, either on a conscious or subconscious level.
The hereditary influences that affect our human development come from predisposed genetically transmitted roots. These factors such as a person 's weight, appearance, height, and muscular composition are not influenced by any external sources. These genetic factors can play a part in how a person feels about them self during their life.
Everyday our environmental factors continue to influence our individual personality development. It is important note that even though a group of people share an environment each person can have different experiences. Our environmental influences consist of any outside influences and conditions that affect of life and development. Some examples of environmental influences that shape who we become are authority figures, family members, communities, and our peers.
There is also a combination of the two above influences. The combination can be seen as genetic environmental correlations.…
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