Psy/285 Final Week 9 Essay

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PSY/285 Elizabeth Davis November 11, 2012 Bettye Griffin I am well rounded, independent, and unique. I believe that being well rounded means that you are not just one way or another. It means you have a little bit of every thing. I think that independent means for a person to be out on their own in life. It means to be able to take care of them selves in life, along with other people. I am independent not interdependent. I do not rely on others for any thing. Meaning I do not get help with bills, money, school, child, car, or any other aspect in life. Interdependent means you get help from others or depend on other to do things for you. I think that self serving bias is some thing…show more content…
I know that my behaviors influence my attitude a lot. I simply put my desires and actions first. My attitude or my intention only pushes my desires and actions further. Our text did suggest that there are several ways that genetics influence gender identity. My gender identity is influenced by my genetics because I was raised by my great grand parents. This means I am more apt to take on the old fashioned ways or believing in what a woman should act or be. I think that my gender identity has been shaped by the environment that I was raised in. I think that some evidence to support this would be that I do believe that me as a woman should do the cooking and cleaning. A woman should be married to one man in her life. A woman place in the world is behind her man. A woman must be able to do what a man does and work as hard as they can. I think that now in life that I am not at a great risk of conforming. I know that growing up at one point or another I was influenced to conform to a great many different aspects of life. I am stable in who I am and what I am today. I think as a person grows older in life it is harder to sway to conformity. I just don’t feel the need to impress or to be or act like some thing I am not. I have always had a hard time with both authority and also obedience. I think that in my opinion they go hand and hand with each other. I think that fear of authority or the stubbornness of just not wanting to both has a clear view of

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