Psy/300 Week 2

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This week I learned about differe\irente instruction. I also learn how to implement a lesson plan to meet the needs for each students in the classroom. Each child learning style is different one child might understand the problem one way and then another child might solve the problem a whole different way. I learned about exceptional children and how they need intensive learning and individualize learning. That why it is important to observe and know each individual child so you can support them to the bset of their ability. My host teacher used different strategies to help the students understand the problem. When I did my lesson plan if was a challenge and time consumer.I likle how the lesson plan met the needs of the children. The teacher put the students in different groups so they acn help each other learn. Sometimes children learn best and better from other children.My host teachger explain to me that…show more content…
Mrs .Sikkema said she has foyr high achiever students and two students who are on behavioral plans (Sikkema,2015,personal communication). She also said it is important to document and observe the students so you can understand their needs. I like how Mrs. Sikkema meet the learning needs of all the children in her classroom. Mrs.Sikkema help me to do my lesson plan in a timely manner. When I observe the classroom I was shock that the students was well behaved and attentive to the students. I have a lot of expereiences implementing different leson plans which was time consumer but it help me to do be able to implemnent a lesson plan in the future. Differentiated Instruction for Exceptional Learners provides an introduction to children and youth with a wide range of exceptional educational needs. There are five learning style auditory, visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and tactile/ kinesthetic (Differeitate Instructional
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