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PSY 302 Complete Course PSY302 Complete Course Click Link for the Answer: PSY 302 Module 1 Assignment 1: Autobiography * A brief paragraph introducing yourself to your classmates. Include information such as your name, location, profession, how long you have been at Argosy, and your favorite psychology course so far. * From the list below, select a topic you would like to conduct a study on. If you wish to explore a topic that is not on this list, please check with your instructor for permission. * A short discussion of the topic area, such as the meaningfulness of the topic,…show more content…
Gather information on Stanley Milgram's study on obedience and authority. Using the IRB checklist as a guideline, what were some major concerns you had regarding the Milgram study? How would you redesign Milgram's study to have it pass IRB standards? PSY 302 Module 1 Assignment 3: Final Project Annotated Bibliography Craft a research question on the topic you selected in your first discussion question post. Then locate at least five articles from peer-reviewed journals that pertain to your question that will be used to write the introduction section of your research proposal. Submit these five citations in the form of an APA-style reference page. Under each citation, write one paragraph summarizing the main points of the article. As you read your articles, keep the following questions at hand; these will help you generate the information about each article. * What were the topic/research questions being investigated? * How was the study conducted (participants, materials, procedure, etc.)? * What did the results reveal? * How might these methodological considerations affect the research findings and the conclusions drawn from them? * How does this article fit in with your paper? How did it influence your own ideas about your paper? Based on your reading of the literature, what do you expect to find? Include a hypothesis and a title page for your submission. PSY 302 Module 2 Assignment 1: Discussion Question Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

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