Psy/315 Week 1 Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Week 1 Practice Worksheet Prepare a written response to the following questions. Chapter 1 1. Explain and give an example for each of the following types of variables: a. Nominal: This is a measurement that has a number assigned to show something or someone else, an example of this would be one’s social security number. b. Ordinal: This is a measurement that represent the order of a particular stat. A good example of this would the placement in a contest, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. c. Interval: These are measurements don’t include zeros and have equivalent units. A good example would be that of point scales. d. Ratio scale: These stats includes zeros and are dispersed…show more content…
Raskauskas and Stoltz (2007) asked a group of 84 adolescents about their involvement in traditional and electronic bullying. The researchers defined electronic bullying as “…a means of bullying in which peers use electronics {such as text messages, emails, and defaming Web sites} to taunt, threaten, harass, and/or intimidate a peer” (p.565). The table below is a frequency table showing the adolescents’ reported incidence of being victims or perpetrators or traditional and electronic bullying. a. Using this table as an

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