Psy/345 Week One Worksheet Essay

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Respond to the following questions in 75 to 150 words each. 1. Differentiate between sensation and perception. Explain the importance of separating these concepts. The term sensation is used when referencing the process of sensing the environment through taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight (Goldstein, 2014). Moreover, it is the process that occurs once the sensory receptor experiences stimulation, which in turn produces nerve impulses that are sent to the brain to be processed in its raw form, then perception comes into play (Goldstein, 2014). Perception is used to describe the way people interpret these sensations and tries to make sense of everything around them on a daily basis. Perception is the occurrences of the brain…show more content…
3. As we age or incur visual impairment, we may need brighter light when reading. Explain why this is the case. As a person ages, the constant need to accommodate when looking at nearby objects such as in reading or doing close-up work becomes more difficult (Goldstein, 2014). The main reason a person may experience the need for a brighter light when they get older is a result of a condition called presbyopia, also referred to as "old eye" (Goldstein, 2014). Old eye describes when the distance of the near point increases as a person ages. According to Goldstein (2014), "The near point for most 20-year-olds is at about 10 cm, but it increases to 14 cm by age 30, 22 cm at 40, and 100 cm at 60" (p. 25). Generally, this change occurs because the lens hardens with age and the ciliary muscles in the eye become weaker, causing great difficulty in vision when looking at objects in close range (Goldstein, 2014). 4. You are shown a picture of an elephant. Explain how that stimulus is processed from the retina to the visual cortex of the brain. Focusing an image clearly onto the retina is the initial step in the process of vision, but although a sharp image on the retina is essential for clear vision, a person does not see the picture on the retina. Vision occurs not in the retina, but in the brain. Before the brain can create vision, the light on the retina must activate the visual receptors in the retina by a two-element

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