Psy 360 Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage

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Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage Sherrie Y. Saunders PSY 360 Evi Pover March 18, 2013 Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage The discussion of this paper is the role of cognitive brain functions and Phineas Gage. The amazing story of Phineas Gage will be analyzed and the explanation of cognitive functioning in regard to his situation is very interesting and is also a major topic in this paper. Cognitive brain functions will be thoroughly examined in this paper as well. Cognitive functioning is when an individual has the ability to use mental processes to learn, reason, problem solve, make decisions, and comprehend. It also helps in focusing your attention and remembering events. Without cognitive processing…show more content…
There is perfect correspondence between the retinal image and the cellular encoding in V1 (striate cortex), which is completed in terms of contrast and orientation. From there, information from the retinal image is sent forward to distinct regions of the occipital lobe for more complex encoding, called extra striate cortex, including V2 (discrimination, orientation, and color), V4 (shape), and V5 (motion) “(Stevens PH.D., The parietal lobe is the dorsal part of the brain. The sensory cortex is located in this section where sensation and perception is integrated. “This lobe is most commonly associated with its capacity for spatial processing. It is here that external visual, or environment based, coordinates may be translated into internal, or body-based, coordinates and vice versa.”(Stephens PH.D, The Temporal lobe located at the bottom of the brain is used to process visual information. In the temporal lobe there is an area for language comprehension and the auditory cortex processes sound. This lobe helps with processes related to recognition and associative memory. The Frontal lobe holds a very high position in the brain and is located directly in the front of the brain. This lobe conducts the entire decision making process and also has connections with memory, emotion and an individual’s personality. “But it is also

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