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Positive and Negative Effects of Human Behavior

Positive and Negative Effects of Human Behavior Individuals behave differently depending on his or her beliefs and the choices come from the beliefs one holds. This can have a positive or negative effect on one’s environment within his or her control and the environment that affects the human population on Earth. Some environmental conditions that humans do have control over are pollution and crowding, although the rising temperatures and noise pollution may be out of individual reach. By changing some conditions and adding items that have a positive mental influence on individuals can make some over-populated urban environments more pleasant and less stressful to the community and
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Each area of a person’s life has a certain social norm to follow; this includes one’s home, school, work, and hanging out with friends. The social norms for an individual’s behavior change as his or her environment changes.
Social Norms “Social norms are rules and standards that are understood by members of a group, and that guide and/or constrain human behavior without the force of laws” (Steg, 2013, p. 154). Social norms have two areas or types they fall into. Injunctive norms are considered behavior that is approved or disapproved and descriptive norms are described as behavior shown by the members of a group. Individuals follow social norms for the rewards involved and the individual wants to avoid rejection and ridicule from societal members. “Social norms can exert a powerful influence on pro-environmental behavior through normative and informational influence” (Steg, 2013, p. 162). Behavior is influenced through normative and informational influences, also moderator variables that may decrease or increase the strength of the influence. Moderator variables contain the size of the group in question, the salience of the norm, if the group is considered an in-group, and the individual personal norms. “A wide variety of research shows that the behavior of others in the social environment shape individuals’ interpretations of, and responses to, the situation, especially in novel, ambiguous, or uncertain

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