Psy 614 : Cognitive And Affective Bases Of Behavior Essay

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PSY 614: Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior Information Processing and Mindfulness Adam Clawson Syracuse University Information Processing and Mindfulness Crick and Dodge (1994) outlined an information-processing model designed to provide further understandings of children’s social adjustment. This information-processing model has six stages that describe the flow of information through the processing system, and provides a useful theoretical understanding to evaluate children’s cognitive deficits and distortions (Daleiden & Vasey, 1997). Fundamental proposals of Crick and Dodge’s (1994) model suggests that children approach social situations with a set of biologically limited capabilities, possess an individualized database of past experiences, and behavioral responses are a function of processing situational and internal cues. This model has been applied to generate novel hypothesis to increase knowledge of the development of childhood anxiety (Daleiden & Vasey, 1997), executive functioning skills among children (Granvald & Marciszko, 2016), and childhood aggression (Song et al., 2016; Oostermeijer et al., 2016). It is postulated that an information-processing model can be utilized to better understand the mechanisms underlying mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs), and generate hypotheses into recent research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of Soles of the Feet (Felver, J. C., & Singh, N. N., in preparation), which is a recently developed

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