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PSY 870: Module 3 Problem Set Answers Follow Below Link to Download Tutorial For More Information Visit Our Website ( ) Email us At: or GAF, Consumer Satisfaction, and Type of Clinical Agency (Public or Private) A researcher wants to know if mental health clients of private versus public service agencies differ on Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores and on Satisfaction with Services (Satisfaction). She has collected data for 34 clients from a private agency and for 47 clients of a public agency. Directions: Use the SPSS data file for Module 3 (located…show more content…
Include information from the Output file of your SPSS Explore analyses to provide specific number and % of missing values on each of the dependent variables. Based on this, what recommendation would you make for what to do about the missing values? 4. Did you find any outliers on the dependent variables that were due to errors of coding? If so, what and why? How would you correct an error of coding?3 HINT: One of the outliers on one continuous variable clearly is a coding error. Which one is that? What would be the best way to handle that outlier? 5. How might you deal with outliers that are not due to coding errors? Explain your reasoning. HINT: Use the information you have from your Output file from your Explore analyses to describe the outliers (e.g. how many outliers are there on each continuous variable; do they fall above and/or below the mean). What are ways to handle outliers on the continuous variables? Might there be some arguments against deleting outliers? What are these? 6. Check the descriptive statistics, histograms, stem-and-leaf plots, and the tests for normality that you obtained from your analyses (see box to check in “Plots” when using Explore to analyze descriptive statistics of your data). Considering the skewness and kurtosis values, as well as the Shapiro-Wilk’s results (preferred for small sample sizes), did the distribution of scores on either of the dependent variables violate the assumption of

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