Psy Chemical Senses

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The human body is very unique and amazing. Everything that we do in our daily life has a process that our body goes through just to make these things happen. It is so many elements phases that our brain goes through for our body to smell or taste something. So let’s explore this journey of smell and taste.
Impacts of smell and taste When we taste something it is a process. Molecules enter the body in a solid or liquid form. They stimulate taste receptors on the tongue. There are five basic taste sensations: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami. Umami is the latest addition. It is considered to be meaty, broth, or savory. Tasting begins with the tongue, which contains papillae. Papillae are divided into four areas: *Filiform are
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Or a dish that didn't turn out right the first time you may have cooked it. These memories are called the Proust Effect. The Proust Effect is elicited memories that are connected from structures involved in both taste and olfaction to the amygdala, which is involved in emotional behavior. And to other structures such as the hippocampus which is involved in storing memories. When we smell certain odors or aromas it activates the amygdala and elicits emotional memories. I can remember my first time eating Korean food and every time I see or smell it being cooked, I think about that time. Some of our memories may not be so pleasant though. You may remember a bad memory of a certain food that you may smell. I know for me every time I smell fire or taste the dust from the air, I think back to the Iraq deployments. So some things that you taste and smell will take you back into that head space. You may lost for a moment because you are in that moment at that time.
It takes a lot for our body to process the things that we smell and taste. Our sense of smell and taste are connected and it may change as you get older. You may not be able to handle those spicy foods like you once did. The things that we smell and taste effects are daily life. Wether we use them for enjoying our favorite meal or dangerous chemicals. We need them more than we realize. And you cant truly enjoy one without the other. There are several diseases and events that can take those

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