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PSY4100 Addictions Summer 2012 Final Exam Study Guide
NOTE: Your final exam will consist of 100 questions selected from the following, as well as selected questions from in-class tests on Food Addiction and on The Joyful Mind; correct answers to those tests have already been posted to the doc sharing portion of the Ecompanion Website. You can use the answers to check the answers you gave on your chapter study tests. Your final exam is on Wednesday, September 12, 2012; You will have from 8:15AM to 9:45AM to complete the final exam. There are no make up dates for the final exam. From Chapter 1: 1. According to Shavelson (2001), author of Hooked, which three words define harm reduction? A. any positive change B. recovery from pain C. a
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According to the NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), about how many previously diagnosable alcoholics matured out of their dependence? A. none B. only a fraction C. one third D. most ANS:C PG39 19. According to Hester and Miller’s empirical research, the highest treatment effectiveness scores were obtained for A. harsh confrontational techniques B. motivational enhancement. C psychoanalytical treatment D. treatment that focused on the underlying cause of the drinking or drug use. ANS:B PG39

20. The following are trends in substance abuse treatment today except for A. chain smoking regarded as an addiction B.human rights seen as a practical philosophy C.counseling of clients in moderate drinking D.public opinion favoring more imprisonment of drug users ANS:D PG42 21. The drug court movement promotes what action with individuals whose legal problems are related to their addiction? A. decarceration – treatment in the community B. incarceration – treatment in the prison system C. requirement to serve out the remainder of prison term, in case of relapse D. moving clients into “wet house”. ANS:A PG46

22.Human rights apartments for formerly homeless people in San Francisco A.are abstinence based. B.reduce costs to the cities by $1,000 per month. C.actually increase the hospitalization rates of residents D.have been shown to be cost-ineffective.



23. Using a holistic basis for measurement, which of the following is
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