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Individual Assignment week 4: Issue Analysis: 15 points

After reading the selected critical issue, complete the worksheet below to analyze the issue. 0. Read Issue 17: Are Professional Women “Opting Out” of Work by Choice? This reading is located in the Taking Sides text. 0. Provide in text citations within each response and references at the end of the worksheet that follow APA guidelines. 0. Each response is worth 3.75 points, and each response must have a minimum of 250 words
1. What are the main points of Linda Hirshman’s argument?
The first main point that Linda Hirshman states is that feminism did not go far enough (Guest, 2011). Her view point is that women fought so hard for the movement and now it feels
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In her interviews with woman she was sure to interview very well educated women and those that strived for mere perfection. One thing is that the men in the lives of these women were not supportive and not mentioned of much. The men and society of today have placed a lot of responsibility on a woman’s shoulders when it comes to the child. It is the woman who makes the decision or is given the task to make the heavy decisions regarding the child’s future. Because of this many women choose to stay at home to be sure that the children will receive everything that they deserve and that they are not lacking in any area. Another issue that she reviews is that employers do not work with moms at all. For example she talked about the scenario where two moms brought a solution to their problem to management yet it failed to receive approval instead one mother was offered more money (Guest, 2011). Employers are not very flexible when it comes to mothers and don’t provide the proper care that is needed for a child. Since men are the ones that don’t carry the responsibility of the child’s well-being having proper day care is not a factor for them. Then there is the cost of day care which is high and can at times not compare to what the individual is making.

3. Based on Hirshman’s and Stone’s arguments, which author do you agree with? Provide supporting
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