Psy201 Week 3 Research Assignment

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Every day I research information. Whether I am searching which stores in town sell bucket hats for homecoming week, shopping online for various items, doing an essay for school, or even looking back on a math lesson to understand how to complete my assignment. With so many things that require to research, I have gained plentiful experiences, both good and bad, in researching. Recently I bought a pair of skis online for the upcoming ski season. The only limit to the skis listed was the filters I set on individual websites. There were hundreds to choose from even after I had filtered the results, so to understand what would fit my uses best I would need to understand the skis. I researched the styles of skis and what their best uses were for. When there was one that seemed to fit my needs and style, I would then look at reviews from individuals who had used the product before. User reviews give specific information on a product that the item’s description does not have. Many of the reviews that I read would praise a certain aspect of the product or point of a flaw that they experienced during use. While researching a product was pretty straightforward, I have not always had such smooth experiences researching. During the summer of 2013, I grew 10 acres of barley for market alongside a seed…show more content…
Back in the 5th grade I was in Mrs. Smyer’s Honors Language Arts class and we were each assigned a country to do a paper on. If I remember correctly it was supposed to be 5 pages in length, comparable to a mile in a 5th grader’s mind. I remember being overwhelmed at first but I felt a great sense of accomplishment as it came together. I still remember much of what I learned about Afghanistan from that paper. Even today I do not write papers that are much longer than that one in 5th grade, but the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish one is still the
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