Psy206 A05 Family Dynamics

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Family Dynamics


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Family Dynamics

Families can be referred to as complex units linked by strong emotional bonding. The way the family members interact and the way the whole family group relate is known as family dynamics. The dynamics among the family members are influenced by the family’s traditions, emotional interdependence, communication style and behavioral patterns. There are different types of families, and different family structures. Examples of families include, nuclear families which have, a father, mother and children and extended family which have the nuclear family, and other family members living together, for
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The surprise had been prepared by my parents; I received so many cards, congratulating me for receiving an award for second place. I felt appreciated and honored, I was also humbled by the love shown to me by all my family members. According to Erikson theory of psychosocial development, I was at the age of competence, the age where children work hard to being responsible and accomplishing challenging tasks. I really worked hard putting my all into getting it right. The feelings I felt back then, is the feeling I get whenever I excel at anything even currently to this day. The joy always comes back, and the encouraging words always ringer in mind, encouraging me to further excel.

As a result, my family started calling me “brighten”. It might seem kind-of silly, but still to this day when I hear that name it reminds me of that particular day, and all that led to the days’ activities. It encourages me to keeping aiming high, for better rewards. My family members encouraged me on aiming to achieve and excel at becoming whatever I wanted to be. They never told me what I would end up being but would encourage me to aim-high for whatever achievements I wanted to accomplish. Their words of encouragement/affirmation still strengths me to this very day. Knowing that someone believes in me; in my strengths as-well-as my weaknesses and believes that I will achieve all my goals is the one thing that
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